Internet of Things for Business

All Aboard the IoT Train:

How to monetize while avoiding pitfalls

The Internet of Things (IoT) already has an undeniable impact on today’s business world. The future will see entire industries fundamentally changed. Smart things have the potential to boost economies – if their power is harnessed appropriately. This special report by Raconteur, recently published in “The Times”:

  • explores one of the most debated topics around IoT: security and its underestimated importance

  • gives you an overview of the most promising monetisation methods
  • shows how companies from different industries have successfully augmented existing and developed new business models with IoT
  • explains why edge computing is the new cloud

  • and much more.

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As originally seen in “The Internet of Things for Business” published by Raconteur Media on Nov. 28th 2017 in “The Times”.

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