The nymea stack

nymea is an advanced open IoT platform written in Qt.
The main purpose of nymea is to provide a collection of tools, libraries and services to build IoT devices.
nymea can be used to solve specific small problems for IoT based use cases as well as building a fully featured automation platform.

  • nymea


    power of edge computing

    With nymea your product becomes an IoT edge gateway. This means it does not depend on a cloud or any other system and can connect directly to a wide range of devices and services. It can control them, read and process their data and send relevant information to the cloud for further analytics.

    • Communicate with any device through a unified API
    • Reduce costs by transmitting only relevant, preprocessed data
    • „Realtime“ decision without cloud dependency
    • Top-notch security by design
  • nymea:cloud


    future-proof business models

    Open new revenue streams by selling value adding services to your customers such as remote access, alarm notifications, etc. Your data is just a fingertip away – boost your business by tailoring services to your customers’ needs based on analytic results.

    • Establish a secure P2P connection between app and edge product
    • Future-proof & secure software-defined products through updates
    • Sell additional digital services to your customers (API store)
  • nymea:ux


    intuitive & customizable

    IoT is everywhere – and so should your product’s interface. Use our platform independent app and we will customize it to your needs. You want a complete tailor-made solution? With nymea’s battle- tested libraries you don’t have to start from scratch. Your users and developers will love it.

    • Apps for iOS, Android and the browser
    • Develop your tailor-made apps with nymea’s libraries & tools
    • Easy-to-use and customizable management interfaces
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